The Data Dashboard

Together, we dreamed of a greater San Antonio. And together, we can build that dream by 2020.

We all know that puzzles are easier when you can look at a picture, and stories need a start to get to the end. To create a picture of our city, we’re following the progress of each of the eleven Causes that make up the SA2020 vision, collecting data on many indicators, or measures of success. These data help us begin to piece together the story of where San Antonio is, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

Follow the stories of the eleven Causes below to see our progress as a community.


Indicator Status Rating

If you explore any of the Causes above, you’ll see these icons next to the indicators – these help us provide an overview of our city’s progress toward each goal.

  • Met & Exceeded

    The SA2020 target has already been reached! (Perhaps we should set an even crazier goal?)

  • On Track

    We’re making progress at a pace that will lead us to achieve the SA2020 target!

  • Progress

    We’re moving in the right direction, but not moving rapidly enough to achieve the SA2020 target.

  • Flat/Getting Worse

    We’re seeing no progress, and in some cases even moving in the wrong direction.

  • In Development

    Some indicators need a bit of work – we’re working on finding or developing the best way to measure these goals.

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CEOs for Cities Dividends Report

The SA2020 vision provides a north star for San Antonio – a list of goals our city is striving to achieve by 2020. Bold and complex, these goals, when achieved, will see an entire city succeed. A City Dividend ™ is the economic benefit resulting from investing resources to successfully achieve a measurable, actionable goal toward a city’s and metro region’s economic progress. The objective of City Dividends, created by CEOs for Cities, is to provide quantitative estimates of the economic gains and/or saving that metropolitan regions and cities could achieve by improving their performance on specific priority issues.







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