Community Vision

SA2020 is a community vision for the future of San Antonio. It is a list of goals created by the people of San Antonio in 2010 based on their collective vision for our city in the year 2020.

Now, SA2020 is a nonprofit whose mission is to help turn that vision into reality. Learn more about the history of SA2020 »

SA2020’s Collective Impact

SA2020 has grown from San Antonio’s shared vision for the future into the backbone of meaningful collective impact, providing key services and coordination in the areas of Engagement, Alignment, and Accountability. Learn more about SA2020 and Collective Impact »


The community vision encompasses 11 Causes, each of which represents an area that San Antonians identified as most important to address in order to transform our city. See all SA2020 Causes »

Shared Measurement

Within each Cause, there are measurable goals for success. With these specific indicators, SA2020 can identify challenges, form strategies, and develop action plans, as well as celebrate successes. View Progress Report »


Community partners work toward achieving SA2020 goals by identifying strategies, providing subject matter expertise, and engaging the community. Learn more about SA2020 Partnerships »


Together, we dreamed a stronger San Antonio. Now, we need to make it a reality. Find out how you can get involved »