SA2020’s Mission

We drive progress toward a shared vision for a thriving San Antonio.

We do this by:

Transparently reporting on progress

SA2020 independently and objectively tracks progress on all of the community’s shared goals. On our Data Dashboard, we track the progress of 62 indicators that the community selected as measures of our progress toward achieving the community vision for the year 2020. One-third of those indicators are also disaggregated by race, gender, or place. With transparent accountability, we can better see where challenges persist and where successes might be replicated.

Engaging and activating the public

The data is important, but what we do with that data is even more critical. SA2020 works to inform the San Antonio community, provide helpful resources, and inspire them to take action in order to move the needle on our goals. Once equipped with information and tools, all San Antonians can play a role in transforming our city.

Aligning organizations toward shared goals

The vision created by our community informs all that we do—and we work to ensure that it informs nonprofits, policymakers, funders, and corporations, too. SA2020 supports over 160 multi-sector partners who are working toward our shared community results, and we work across other sectors to further align efforts toward these results. When we’re all working toward the same agenda, we know our impact will be even greater.

How we got here:

In 2010, thousands of people in San Antonio gathered around tables to discuss and determine what the future of their city should look like. Together, they prioritized 11 Cause Areas and created the SA2020 Vision:

“Our residents are amongst the healthiest in the nation with access to quality education and economic opportunity. San Antonio is the safest big city in the U.S. and our neighborhoods are connected with residents that are engaged civically. The city is growing, but is sustaining its natural resources as a respectful steward. San Antonio has public transportation that is recognized as a model of efficiency, a vibrant downtown, a diverse and thriving creative community, and a local government that’s responsive and accountable. Our entire community takes responsibility for our collective well-being.”

Our progress is impossible without YOU.

As a nonprofit, SA2020 can’t survive without the ongoing support of the same passionate community that dreamed up this bold vision. We continue to be impressed by the selfless drive of this community toward improvement, and are thankful every day for our amazing donors and supporters.