Join the movement for a stronger San Antonio.

SA2020 Partners are integral to San Antonio’s progress. They work every day to make the city better, change people’s lives, and move San Antonio closer to reaching the Community Vision. SA2020, the nonprofit, supports the work of our multi-sector Partners through capacity building, collaboration, data sharing, and storytelling. We know that we’ll go further if we work together towards common goals.

Why become an SA2020 Partner?

  • Partners receive invitations to low-cost workshops and special events for learning how to strengthen their organizational impact and networking with individuals and multi-sector organizations committed to affecting change.
  • SA2020 influences citywide collaboratives, coalitions, and working groups to address complex community challenges and helps make sure Partners are at the table.
  • Nonprofit Partners are invited to participate in The Board Game, a nonprofit leadership development training that matches San Antonians with Nonprofit Partners. Multi-sector Partners have the option of working with SA2020 to tailor The Board Game to their organization—matching employees to Nonprofit Partners.
  • SA2020 offers Partners fee-for-service opportunities for tailored presentations and trainings for employees, as well as program evaluation to strengthen their impact on San Antonio’s Community Vision.
  • SA2020 celebrates and highlights the impact of Partners across all of our communication, including the annual SA2020 Partner Report and Community Impact Report. All Partners are listed online at and in SA2020’s interactive systems map.

Interested in becoming an SA2020 Partner?
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Who are SA2020 Partners?

CORPORATE PARTNERS are committed to supporting the nonprofit sector by aligning their philanthropic giving and volunteer hours with the greatest needs of SA2020 Nonprofit Partners, thereby moving the needle on Community Results.

FOUNDATION/FUNDER PARTNERS are committed to informing their philanthropic giving with the needs of the community, and demonstrating how their civic engagement efforts more broadly move the needle on Community Results.

GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC INSTITUTION PARTNERS are committed to informing their policies, resource allocation, and services with the needs of the community, and demonstrating how these efforts move the needle on Community Results.

EDUCATION PARTNERS are committed to informing their programs and services with the needs of the community, and demonstrating how these efforts move the needle on Community Results.

MEMBER AND TRADE ORGANIZATION PARTNERS build the capacity of other organizations and demonstrate how they collaboratively move the needle on Community Results.

NONPROFIT PARTNERS lead targeted interventions, delivering programs and services based on the needs of the community, and demonstrate how their efforts move the needle on Community Results.

Partnership Principles

  • We share the same vision for San Antonio as defined by the community.
  • We respect knowledge and expertise across organizational hierarchies.
  • We agree to work collaboratively and focus on Community Results.
  • We promote asset-based thinking and communication.
  • We commit to a shared language for impact and accountability.
  • We challenge one another to uphold the “why.”
  • We are outcomes driven and data informed.
  • We understand the importance of performance measures to track our stated results.
  • We celebrate incremental change.
  • We practice continuous learning and improvement.
  • We believe achieving Community Results requires cross sector partnerships.

SA2020 does not partner with any organization that discriminates—through policies, funding, or services—on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, familial status, national origin or age.

Application & Rolling Deadlines

Partnerships with corporations and foundations/funders are by invitation only. Please email to learn more.

The online Partner application is for education institutions, government/public institutions, member/trade organizations, and nonprofits.

With the support of Argo Group, SA2020 is able to waive the $50 application fee during the COVID-19 crisis. There is no fee to submit an application at this time.


The application is open year-round and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Due to COVID-19, SA2020 will be onboarding new Partners every two weeks. SA2020 will confirm receipt of all applications received and provide orientation dates via email. Orientation is required for new Partners. Please give two weeks for your application to be evaluated. Applications are evaluated by SA2020 team members and current Partners. The assessment includes a review of the organization’s commitment to Partnership Principles, their understanding of their organization’s impact on Community Results, and the engagement of their staff and Board of Directors in pursuing a Partnership.

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