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Apr 13 2017
By Burgundy Woods

On March 18th, Style Lush TV hosted the first inaugural Look Local Fest. This event was created as a direct response to their fashion community needs for promotion and awareness in the local retail scene. We noticed that while many of our local fashion boutiques would love to buy an advertising campaign with us, sometimes […]

Apr 11 2017
By SA2020

Most of us are probably familiar with Humana for their insurance — they’re a large, national health insurance company, after all. But, more locally, Humana invests in San Antonians well beyond their healthcare coverage. Through local collaboration and philanthropy, Humana is helping our community get healthier and more fit, moving the needle on our shared […]

Apr 6 2017
By Kelley Phillips

It’s surprising what you’ll find in a cocktail these days. Strawberry pear nectar, turmeric tea syrup, and candied thyme sprigs are just some of the deliciously eclectic ingredients within these modern creations. Those attending the 9th Annual Rivertini, San Antonio’s premier cocktail competition, found something extra though: the sweet taste of philanthropy. On March 23rd, […]