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Feb 21 2017
By Nicole Amri

I’m a proud Tejana but even prouder to have been born and brewed in San Antonio. I feel a kinship to San Antonio and her personality. She’s synonymous with family, friends and the way we live our lives. She is home. My ride-or-die. When you truly meet, spend some time with and understand San Anto, […]

Feb 13 2017
By Lily Lowder

If San Antonio hosted its version of the Oscars, it probably wouldn’t be Fresh Air Friday. If you’re expecting Fresh Air Friday (March 3rd, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, Main Plaza) to be a star-studded, Instagram worthy, free-$1,000 face cream-in-the-swag-bag kind of event, you’re better off not attending. But, if you’re looking for an event […]

Jan 31 2017
By SA2020

With 59 goals across 11 Cause Areas, we know that reaching our vision for 2020 requires all of San Antonio to be invested in our progress. When individuals, nonprofits, local government, and even companies collaborate intentionally, we’re able to better align resources and create greater change toward our collective goals. That’s why we appreciate the work that […]