It’s National Voter Registration Day!

By SA2020 | Sep 25 2018

Happy #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, San Antonio! The midterm election is coming up (early voting begins October 22nd), and today is the perfect day to make sure you’re ready to participate. All throughout our community, organizations and individuals are helping San Antonians get registered. And in a city that prioritized civic engagement, that’s important. When more of us stand up and make our voices heard, our city (and state, and country) gets stronger. Here’s how you can get involved today:

1. Visit any San Antonio Public Library to register.
Visit any branch to register to vote today—or any day up until the deadline, October 9th! The Central Library is celebrating with some additional festivities today, starting at 11 am. Join them for crafts, refreshments, and more!

2. Visit an SAISD school to register.
All of the librarians in SAISD were recently deputized as voter registrars, and they’re teaming up with local organizations to register voters today. Click here to find a location and its hours. (SAISD high school students who are eligible to register to vote will also have the opportunity to do so in class this week.)

3. Register at your college with MOVE Texas.
In addition to SAISD schools, MOVE Texas will be at colleges in San Antonio throughout the day. See the times here, and share it with your friends!

4. Visit the San Antonio Chamber or the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber offices to register.
Our chambers continue their efforts to engage the community. Stop by the San Antonio Chamber‘s downtown office (602 E Commerce) or the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber‘s office (200 E Grayson) today and their staff members will help you register. (There might also be some swag and refreshments in it.)

5. Register on your own.
If you can’t make it to an event today, take a few minutes to register on your own. It only takes a few minutes—you’ll just need to complete an online form, print it out, and mail it to the address they provide you. Click here for the form (in English or Spanish).

6. Spread the word!
Already registered? Already double checked your registration? Spread the word to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else who might not be registered! To vote in the midterm election, you must be registered by October 9th—but go ahead and encourage them to do so today. With events and volunteers all around town, it’s super easy. Then, check back in with them to make sure they vote, starting October 22nd!


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