Leon Springs Trail Foundation Night Promotes Community-Driven Plan

By Pamela Price | Jul 12 2016

On Saturday, July 9, representatives of the Leon Springs Trail Foundation hosted a social event at The Point Park and Eats to raise awareness about their work. The occasion was “Certified Awesome” and endorsed by SA 2020.

Leon Springs Trail Foundation participants

The total project budget for the proposed Leon Springs trail is estimated to be $3 million dollars for the 2.7 mile, ten-foot wide path. If fundraising is successful and the project is completed, it would run between Leon Creek and Boerne Stage Road from the Concept Therapy Institute to IH-10. Activity would be limited to foot and bike traffic from sunrise to sunset. Structurally, the flood-proof trail would be similar to the Leon Creek Greenway situated near the Valero Trail Head at 1604 and IH-10.

The Leon Springs Trail Foundation leaders are committed to increasing health and fitness, improving transportation options, and bringing neighbors together—all vital parts of our community’s vision for the year 2020. “We’re grateful that SA2020 sees where our mission aligns with the long-range vision for the city,” said Art Smith, foundation vice-chairman. “The support comes at a crucial time for us as we work toward our long-range goals.”

Leon Springs Trail Foundation

“We intend to donate the Leon Springs trail to the city of San Antonio when we’re finished,” said Smith. “We anticipate the trail will be connected into the city’s rapidly expanding trail system, eventually giving locals the ability to crisscross their city on bikes in relative ease, comfort, and safety.”

Smith, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, and Joel Huehn, a local veterinarian, have been researching and advocating for the trail for over two years, with the support of the Leon Springs Business Association.

“We’re at a critical stage in the project in that we now must raise $100,000, or secure the donation of official plans from an engineering firm,” said Smith. “If we can meet the goal this fall, then we believe we can begin to secure larger donations and move toward seeing the trail constructed.”

People of all ages expressed interest in the trail during Saturday night’s social.

“As local residents and outdoor enthusiasts, the trail would mean a lot to my wife and me. We could walk, ride our bikes and experience nature away from the main traffic of Boerne Stage Road,” said Steve Nussenblatt. “I use the other trails along Leon Creek within San Antonio and I see how popular they are and what a great asset they are. Out here they’d be a great asset, too.”

Kaith Andrews,  a teen who lives in a neighborhood near the proposed trail, said, “If we had the trail, I’d ride my bike on it and enjoy it.”

To this sentiment, Kaith’s younger sister, Karis, added, “I think it would be fun. Maybe I could find a bear!”

Imaginary bears aside, the trail holds the potential to spark interest in the local environment and healthy outdoor activities for years to come. For more information on the project—including how to donate to the cause, please see or contact the organization via Facebook.


Pamela Price

Pamela Price

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