Philanthropitch Brings Funding and Innovation to Nonprofits

By SA2020

Gerardo Interiano, Head of External Affairs – Southwest Region for Google. Philanthropitch Austin, 2016

When Philanthropitch reached out to SA2020 earlier this year about working together here in San Antonio, it seemed like a no-brainer type of partnership. The initiative, founded by Dan and Lisa Graham, aims to promote philanthropy, yes, but also helps nonprofits expand their impact and scale for future sustainability. An initiative that highlights the power of philanthropic giving, supports nonprofits doing the hard work, and has a real impact on our community results? “We’re in,” we said.

Philanthropitch, a fast-pitch program that provides nonprofits with access to coaching and capital to implement a sustainable funding model, launched in Austin in 2013. This May, Philanthropitch and its panel of judges awarded more than $140,000 to 7 Austin-area nonprofits, bringing their total to more than half a million dollars invested in 53 nonprofits since its launch.

But what especially excites us about Philanthropitch is their belief in the nonprofits themselves. This process allows nonprofits to think innovatively and strategically, allowing them to get creative and really consider how the winnings could impact their programming and our community as a whole. Nonprofits, often required to follow a structured process for solely program funding, are instead able to think and plan as architects of reoccurring support that would complement the other components of their funding. Then, they stand in front of an auditorium full of people to explain why and how their organization is impacting our community. It’s an opportunity to raise unrestricted dollars, sure, but it’s also an opportunity to pitch their organization to a room full of potential new supporters.

Philanthropitch and its partners meet with the nonprofit participants to work on scalability, sustainability, and storytelling (AKA the pitch). So while the contest itself is a one-night, annual event, participating organizations leave with more than just new funding. They’ll also have new expertise and, we hope, the freedom to work more innovatively. And San Antonio wins, too. When our local nonprofits, who we know have a major impact on all of our community results, are able to work even more effectively, the vision we created together becomes more attainable.

Philanthropitch San Antonio has just opened applications. Interested area nonprofits can apply here. Mark your calendar for 6 pm on February 27th, 2018 at The Tobin Center and stay tuned for details on purchasing tickets. Plus, as an event attendee, you get to serve as a judge and vote on your favorite pitch. Let’s celebrate and reward the nonprofits that spend their days working toward our shared vision.

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