Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, Texas (#16 for #SA2020Resolutions)

By Colleen Pence | Dec 16 2014

colleenpence-sidebarBy Colleen Pence, SA2020 Resolutions Outdoorsy Leader (follow her here!)

Check out all of the San Antonio parks we’ve visited this year as part of our #SA2020Resolutions.


Visiting 20 San Antonio parks in one year seems like an easy goal, right? Let me assure y’all, it’s not as easy as I assumed. This little thing called “life” got in our way and it slurped up our weekends faster than a thirsty toddler with a cup of juice and a bendy straw. The next time I looked up, it was mid-December and we still have two parks to visit to reach our once-seemingly-easy goal (We’ve been to 18 parks so far but I’ve only written about 16 as of this post. Stay tuned, more park posts to come this month!). Never fear: we WILL visit 20 parks in 2014 and reach our #SA2020Resolutions goal by December 31.

Park #16 on our list is Brackenridge Park which, in its nearly 350 acres, offers something for everyone.


Adults, kids, dogs, ducks, deer, birds, and the occasional motorcycle and classic car flock to this park for outdoor frolicking.


Our family’s favorite spot in Brackenridge Park is the area around the Joske Pavilion. We feed the ducks, play on the playground, eat picnic lunches, and stroll along the San Antonio River.

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