A Big and Little Book Drive!

By Denise Barkhurst | Feb 4 2014


By Denise Barkhurst, SA2020 Resolutions Book Drive Leader along with her Little Brother and Little Sister and two daughters. Follow them here!

(Reposted with permission from Joyful Rant)


Books make me happy!  This is one reason why I have resolved to collect 2,020 books in 2014 as a part of the SA2020 Resolutions project!  The other reason is that it promotes literacy in our city (Yay!).


Book Drive Leader Denise, in the 70’s with Nancy Drew

My very first Joyful Rant post was called Paperbacks and Princesses and it was all about my love of reading and how I am blessed to have three reader-daughters.  Two of them (Zoe and Lacey) will be helping me collect books along with my Little Brother Chris, 15, and my Little Sister Destiny, 14, from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Chris is going to be a great asset because he and his mom, Valerie have done a book drive before!  We are gonna be unstoppable!

I’m happy to have Destiny participate too.  She and I recently read the “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” Trilogies.  We also went to see “Catching Fire” and it was awesome. We’re looking forward to seeing the movie version of “Divergent,” although I’m still pretty annoyed at the ending of that trilogy (but, I digress, and no spoilers here).

If you want to help us collect these books here is what you can do:

  1. Look through your house, your closets, your garage and find books
  2. Tell all your friends to do the same (if they don’t have time, offer to look for them, ha!)
  3. Bring them to Big Brothers Big Sisters at 202 Baltimore, SA TX 78215, or tell us where we can pick them up from you!

We are particularly interested in books for kids age 3rd grade and younger, but obviously we will take any book.  The books will all be donated to local schools.

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Hashtag tweets regarding the book drive  #TeamSA2020BookDrive and #SA2020Resolutions

Thanks in advance!

Here are some fun pictures of your Book Drive Team:

Little Sister Destiny from the Inspire U workplace mentoring program wants to be a pastry chef!

Little Sister Destiny from the Inspire U workplace mentoring program wants to be a pastry chef!


Little Brother Chris, frequent Big Brothers Big Sisters spokesperson

Lacey and Zoe, photo bombed by our cat, Atlas

Lacey and Zoe, photo bombed by our cat, Atlas




Denise Barkhurst

Denise leads one of the top 10 largest Big Brothers Big Sisters affiliates in the country. Denise’s passion for making a difference in her community and its future drove her success in the social profit sector. During her tenure with the organization, the agency increased the number of children served from 500 to over 3,000 in 7 years. Agency revenues also increase to over 3 million during this period of time. Denise also serves on the Executive Board of the San Antonio Non Profit Council. She has a social work degree from Texas Tech University and is mother to 3 daughters ages 25, 10 and 11.

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