Best-Performing Cities 2011: Where America’s Jobs Are Created and Sustained

By swebadmin | Dec 20 2011

San Antonio, Texas, leaped 14 positions to earn the top spot in our 2011 ranking of the 200 large U.S. metros.
Although it had no first-place finishes in the nine indicators that make up the overall index, it consistently ranked
among the leaders. San Antonio’s highest ranking in the indicators was seventh in job growth for 2005–2010.
This shows that San Antonio was not only shielded from the most devastating impacts of the Great Recession
but also participated in the subsequent recovery.
San Antonio is among a handful of metros that reached their prerecession employment peak by mid-2011.
Home to several military installations, San Antonio has benefited from the Base Realignment and Consolidation
(BRAC) process that has caused an influx of facilities and personnel.
Additionally, San Antonio benefited from expansions at its military installations, growth in health care and
biosciences, renewed investment in oil and gas exploration and non-traditional energy sources, as well as
revived production at a Toyota truck plant and its impacts on suppliers. Continue Reading

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