Department of Planning and Community Development: Neighborhood Planning and Urban Design

By swebadmin | Jan 24 2013

“Partnering to Build Better Neighborhoods”

The Neighborhood Planning and Urban Design Section administers the Community Building and Neighborhood Planning Program. To encourage capacity building and neighborhood involvement in land development decisions, the Section produces an on-line directory that includes a listing of registered neighborhoods and community organizations, a citywide neighborhood association map, and individual neighborhood maps.
The Section provides technical assistance to communities to develop Neighborhood and Community Plans for City Council adoption that include goals and action steps for land use, housing, economic development, community facilities and transportation networks. To date these plans cover 260.7 square miles and a population of 553,413.
Each of these plans contains a land use plan that designates the types and locations of desired future land uses. Future rezoning must be consistent with adopted neighborhood and community plans. Every five years plans are reviewed and if necessary updated to stay current with public improvements and land use trends. Plan amendment applications are also processed through this Section. Continue Reading


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