SA2020 Arts & Culture Survey Report

By SA2020 | Jun 12 2013

The Cultural Planning Group

University of Texas, San Antonio The Tara Group, Inc.


This survey is intended to help inform the City of San Antonio in aligning its arts and cultural efforts with the SA2020 Vision Plan. SA2020 sets forth the vision: in 2020, San Antonio leads the world as a creative community. Accordingly, this research was designed to validate that vision and to better understand what it means to San Antonio residents and workers. The objectives of the survey were to learn the nature and scope of San Antonians’ arts and cultural activities, and their opinions about a range of cultural issues. In other words, what do people now do, what do they think of those activities, and how can the city improve its cultural quality of life?

Key findings include:

  • Respondents are culturally active and seek even more cultural engagement. They participate in four cultural activities more than others: visual arts, live music, downtown activities and public art. These had the greatest attendance, both in terms of any participation (one or more times per year) and frequent participation (seven or more times per year). They also had the highest ratings for quality and among the strongest desires to do more of that activity.
  • Respondents express a strong desire across-the-board to do more arts and cultural activities. More than half of the respondents seek to do more of all types of activities, and eight activities had “do more” ratings of 70% or greater.
  • 83% believe that arts and culture are important to making San Antonio recognized as a world-class center for the arts.
  • SA2020 identified 12 areas that can help transform San Antonio into a world-class city. Respondents view arts and culture as an important contributor to all of them.
  • A majority of San Antonians expresses moderate satisfaction with the city’s current arts and cultural life. However, there is a significant portion that is dissatisfied with the current arts and cultural life, suggesting an opportunity for better meeting their needs. Their general level of satisfaction with San Antonio decreases in comparison with Texas, US and international cities.
  • There is room for improvement in quality and satisfaction, in terms of the community’s perceptions. There are particular opportunities to better understand and meet the needs of a range of population groups, including couples with no children, singles and younger people. Respondents provide many specific suggestions for improvements in support for the arts and for an inclusive investment in cultural development that supports international standards of achievement.
  • Respondents include a high proportion of volunteers and contributors to San Antonio arts and cultural organizations. Two-thirds of those who have not volunteered have never been asked. One third of all contributors gave between $100 and $500 in the past year.
  • Respondents are almost all (96%) San Antonio residents and workers, and most residents are long-term. The survey also reached far beyond the SA2020 process; only one-third participated in SA2020.

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