The Brain Gain: The Rise of San Antonio’s Talent Economy

By swebadmin | Jan 12 2013

Jim Russell is an economic geographer. The job description of an economic geographer is not exactly part of the mainstream lexicon – economic geographers study the relationship between the economy and the movement of people. In San Antonio, economic geography means the relationship between economic growth and the recent in-migration of college educated people holding a bachelor’s or an advanced degree – more than Houston and more than Dallas. Unlike much of the rest of the country, San Antonio is rapidly gaining 25-plus-year-olds with college educations and it is happening fast. The change began in 2008; prior to then, when looking at top metros for attracting college-educated talent, San Antonio was nowhere to be found. After 2008, SA shows up at number four. What happened? The answers came at a Texas CEO Magazine Enlightened Speaker Series event in San Antonio held in conjunction with SA 2020 with research funded by the 80/20 Foundation.

Economic Cycles – The Background

Economic geographer and presenter Jim Russell began with a few lessons on how the economy expands and contracts, how jobs are created, how the population shifts and the massive trends that result. Continue Reading

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