Centro San Antonio

By swebadmin | Apr 15 2013

Centro San Antonio is a newly created public-private non-profit organization entrusted to envision and foster a vibrant and prosperous downtown that benefits the entire San Antonio community. They will focus on guiding and leading development in the center city.

Great cities have great downtowns.

In the recent SA2020 Vision process, a vision for downtown was created – “In 2020, downtown is the heart of San Antonio and is everyone’s neighborhood.” Now, San Antonio needs to establish a strategic plan for the next decade. This process will build on the strengths and assets that currently exist and take them to a new level in order to create:

• An economic atmosphere favorable to the development of new residential product
• The ability to attract and relocate jobs to the urban core
• Infrastructure connections between downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods
• A downtown that the citizens of San Antonio will choose to visit regularly

In the SA2020 Vision process, downtown development was singled out as a key component to achieving the Vision. Two key indicators were noted as areas where major improvements could be made: 1) to target an increase in the number of housing units in downtown by at least 5000 over a baseline of 3,383 units today, and 2) to increase the number of downtown employees by 25% (13,775 additional employees) over a baseline of 55,100 downtown workers (2000 U.S. census figure). In both cases, there are many factors that will impact growth in these two areas, but a comprehensive plan with specific implementation procedures needs to be developed to achieve these results. We have a unique opportunity with the strategic planning process to articulate catalytic development projects for downtown and possibly fund some or all of these projects through a potential City bond issue in 2012.

Mayor Castro has called on  Centro San Antonio to take the lead on updating a strategic plan for downtown and the center city.  Centro San Antonio will work with other stakeholders to accomplish this, and calls on you to become a partner in this effort. It is important that everyone is at the table as we move forward. Your investment – both personal and monetary – will insure that we identify the necessary improvements while preserving and protecting the special amenities, properties and businesses that have made our downtown one of the most unique places in the world.

Much has changed in downtown over the past decade, and it is time to update our strategic plan for downtown and the center city. SA2020 outlined the Vision phase (“dream it”) for downtown, now it is time to move forward with the strategic plan phase (“map it”) for downtown.


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