Mayor’s Fitness Council

By swebadmin | Apr 15 2013

IMG_7165By the year 2020, San Antonio residents are among the healthiest and most active in the country; that is the mission of the San Antonio Mayor’s Fitness Council. With obesity as the most significant epidemic facing San Antonio today, health and fitness was identified as a top priority for the long-term vitality of San Antonio.  Currently two thirds of adults and one third of the children in San Antonio are overweight or obese.  Obesity along with physical inactivity significantly contributes to many healthy related issues including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.  As a Lead Partner for SA2020, the Mayors Fitness Council aims to connect people to opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.

The Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) was established in 2010 under Mayor Julian Castro’s initiative to bring a new level of awareness to healthy living.  The goals of the MFC, consistent with SA2020 goals, are to reduce adult obesity by 10% and reduce childhood obesity by 25% by increasing physical activity and healthy eating.  The MFC works to challenge San Antonio residents to increase their physical activity,  persists in seeking opportunities to enhance obesity prevention, and improve the health status of the San Antonio work force and student population.  Members of the MFC include representatives from local non-profits, businesses, city governments, healthy systems, schools and universities.

IMG_7042The MFC collaborates with a variety of partners to provide opportunities such as Fitness in the Park, which offers a range of free fitness classes including Boot Camp and Zumba which help to improve physical fitness.  Events like Siclovia temporarily block off selected streets to vehicular traffic and create recreational and sport activities, providing increased access for physical activity to all city residents. Groups like San Antonio Walks! provide additional resources to physical activity in resident’s communities and the B-Cycle bike share program provide the opportunity for residents to enjoy healthy living while choosing an alternative form of transportation.

Additionally, programs such as Student Ambassadors allow students to promote the necessity of healthy living and physical activity at their school campuses, in their homes, and in their communities by implementing and leading their own health-related projects.

IMG_7047With the assistance of the MFC in SA2020 not only will they assist in making San Antonio residents among the healthiest in the country, but also transform San Antonio into a world class city by the year 2020.


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