Mission Verde Alliance

By swebadmin | Apr 15 2013


Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for the development and use of clean technologies for a sustainable economy for the San Antonio region through advocacy, education, and outreach.


We live in a world of volatile energy prices, increasingly scarce resources, vigorous world competition, and technological innovation. Such rapid changes touch the lives of every San Antonian. How we respond to these changes will define us as a city and determine the quality of our lives and our economic fate. The Mission Verde Alliance (MVA) speaks to this challenge. We believe in meeting our needs today while not compromising the ability of San Antonio’s future generations to meet their needs. This is sustainability. It is more than solely an environmental policy—it is an economic one, too.

San Antonio’s clean tech economy has already begun to form. Many of the elements for a successful, vibrant, and sustainable economy are present in San Antonio. These include the nationally recognized leadership of Mayor Julian Castro, the commitment from CPS Energy to aggressively pursue clean energy solutions and be a driver of the “New Energy Economy”, and the efforts of many other leading public and private stakeholders in our community to foster economic and environmental sustainability.


MVA’s vision is the transformation of the San Antonio region through the creation of a sustainable green economy. This vision will be accomplished through three key focus areas:

1. SA2020 Natural Resources & Environmental Sustainability 

MVA is the lead partner for SA2020’s Environmental Sustainability initiative, which provides an integrated approach to establishing environmental sustainability community-wide through engaging San Antonians in a variety of opportunities to participate in the thoughtful stewardship of our water, energy, and land. By serving as the lead partner for this initiative, MVA will pull together key stakeholders whose collaboration can help ensure that our city’s vision for the future becomes a sustainable reality.

2. San Antonio Clean Technology Forum 

MVA manages the San Antonio Clean Technology Forum, which is a highly successful luncheon series intended to educate local leaders, community residents, and regional stakeholders about a range of environmental sustainability topics. These forums have become a regional resource for industry collaboration and the sharing of best practices on topics including water, clean energy, and air quality.

3. Community Outreach 

MVA maintains a strong capacity to organize and facilitate effective community outreach among a wide range of local stakeholders. This outreach effort is done in partnership with local companies, organizations, and institutions interested in promoting new clean tech programs and sustainability initiatives.



MVA was created in November 2011 and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in spring 2012. Since its inception, MVA has led three major forums focused on environmental sustainability topics affecting the San Antonio region:

• “Energy Independence Through Energy Efficiency” – May 2012

• Water Forum III “Our Water, Our Future” – October 2012

• Eagle Ford Forum II – January 2013

MVA’s next forum, “Keeping It Clean: Our Air, Our Health,” will be held on July 11, 2013.

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