P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County

By swebadmin | Apr 15 2013

Our Mission

Ensure that every child dramatically improves their educational success in school, college and career within Bexar County.

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Convene and facilitate educational enhancing efforts to inspire and prepare our communities’ families and students for success

P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County Goals

Goal 1: Ensure organizational strength
Goal 2: Prepare every child for school (15 ISD’s)
Goal 3: Create academic success for every child (15 ISD’s)
Goal 4: Establish “San Antonio is Our Classroom” program
Goal 5: Ensure greater alignment within educational systems


Milestones to Education Success Model

Adapted from the Strive Cincinnati Milestones Model, the P16Plus Milestones to Educational Success framework illustrates where critical gaps can occur. We focus on key transition areas in a child’s academic progression from Pre-K and beyond. The cradle to career education vision incorporates a student’s successful path with critical academic benchmarks, family relationships and community support milestones. The education of a child is a many-faceted journey.


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