In 2020, San Antonio’s transportation system is recognized as a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

San Antonio is served by an environmentally-friendly transportation system where everyone is able to walk, ride, drive or wheel in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner to their desired destinations. Frequent and reliable mass transit services connect communities, and transportation infrastructure meets community needs.


How Will We Get There?
  • Increase Complete Streets
  • Increase Public Transit Use
  • Decrease Vehicle Miles Travelled
  • Decrease Commute Time

Lead Partners

The San Antonio Mobility Coalition is a non-profit corporation organized in 2001 to identify and advocate multi-modal transportation funding solutions for the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. SAMCo members include the Alamo RMA, Bexar County, City of San Antonio, VIA Metropolitan Transit, major San Antonio headquartered corporations, chambers of commerce, the transportation construction and supply industry, the real estate development community, the financial sector, consulting engineers and other interested organizations. Read More »