Define. Leverage. Focus.

A Champion is a foundation, business, public institution, or civic organization that has strategically aligned its philanthropic, volunteer and advocacy efforts to advance specific goals in identified SA2020 Vision areas.

Champions publicly communicate their declaration, in partnership with SA2020, by expressing their focused and prioritized commitment to advance the SA2020 Community Vision in the following ways:

– Champions define the specific SA2020 indicators and targets that are most aligned with their internal culture and/or the Vision area that the Champion most desires to see great improvement in over the next decade in San Antonio.

– Champions leverage
 their considerable influence, strength of relationships, and reach among customers, vendors, partners, and the community‐at‐large to catalyze greater community investment in the areas of their specific SA2020 focus.

– Champions focus at least 75% of their local investments through financial philanthropy, employee volunteerism, leadership talent sharing, employee service on community boards and commissions, and public advocacy in a manner that directly affects SA2020 indicators and measures.

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