City Council Profiles

The progress San Antonio has made toward the Community Vision over the last decade is a result of coordinated and targeted interventions across sectors and organizations. By disaggregating data by race and geography, SA2020’s City Council Profiles offer a deeper understanding of where we, as a community, need to double down efforts, create targeted programs and policies, and distribute resources most effectively. 

How To Interact With the Data

Explore an overview of San Antonio

See San Antonio’s 10 City Council Districts by population, density, race/ethnicity, age, and household size. Click through the tabs at the top to see a demographic, and hover over (or click on mobile) each bar for more information.

See Community Results by City Council District

We’ve disaggregated many of our community indicators by City Council District (and San Antonio and Bexar County, for comparison, where applicable), as well as race and age. Click through each Cause Area, and, where available, choose an indicator via the dropdown menu.

Take a closer look at the data

Hover over each bar (or click on mobile) for more information. If you want to focus on one district or compare multiple districts, you can click on the districts you want to isolate while holding COMMAND (Mac) or CONTROL (PC) and select “Keep Only” in the pop up window.

San Antonio: General Overview

Community Indicators by City Council District

More About San Antonio City Council Districts

Hover over each circle to learn more about the features of each City Council District.

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