2020 Community Engagement

“It’s 2020. What now?” It’s time to revisit San Antonio’s Community Vision, update it for the decade to come, and include more of our neighbors in the process. The SA2020 Team, along with more than 60 SA2020 Ambassadors, will spend the entire year asking individual San Antonians questions like: What kind of community do you want? What needs to change? What should we be protecting?

We have big plans to put these questions to 162,850 community members. Here’s our progress so far:

To start, we’ve collected answers through the SA2020 survey, available in both English and Spanish. Throughout the year SA2020 will ask participants about demographic information to ensure that participation matches the racial, economic, age, and geographic profile of San Antonio. Below, you can see an up-to-date look at responses so far, demographics of respondents, and the events and venues SA2020 is using to reach the public.

Top Survey Response Themes

The SA2020 survey includes two questions aimed at understanding San Antonians’ priorities for the future.

1. Thinking ahead in the next ten years, what is one thing you hope is preserved or maintained in San Antonio?
2. Thinking ahead in the next ten years, what is one thing you hope is improved or changed in San Antonio?

The data below represents only respondents who currently live/work in San Antonio or surrounding municipalities.


Survey Respondents by Demographics


Map of Outreach and Events

To gather these responses, SA2020 is working with Ambassadors and Partners to take public participation across the city. Below, see where SA2020 and Partners are engaging the local community in reaffirming and strengthening San Antonio’s Community Vision. (Is your group, organization, or company interested in learning more and sharing their thoughts? Please complete a presentation request.) See all of our upcoming events here.