A clear focus, a perfect mission.

Invest your time and energy towards achieving our community’s bold vision for San Antonio through SA2020. Explore these opportunities that need the participation of passionate group volunteers! Contact the organizations below to immediately invest your team!

InspireU is a unique mentoring program that matches adult volunteers, through their employer, with middle and high school youth to assist them in becoming the first to attend college in their family. Students visit the mentors at the workplace and are introduced to exciting career and college building activities.

The Student Aid Saturdays Program partners with schools, businesses and education-focused community organizations across Bexar County offering free help in completing complicated college financial aid forms!

SAHALOGOJPG.jpgSan Antonio Housing Authority. Participate in the Summer Youth Employment Program by “hiring” a 16-24 year old to work part-time for you this summer. SAHA will pay the wages of up to 80 young residents so that they earn valuable work experience with your organization.