SA2020 Terminology

In working on the community vision, we’ve developed a certain lingo in the way we talk about our structure, goals, and strategies. Below you’ll find a list of the main SA2020 terms.

  • Cause – There are eleven Causes within SA2020. Each of these represents an area that San Antonians identified as one of the most important to address in order to transform the city. Causes are things like Arts & Culture, Transportation, and Education.
  • Celebrate the Awesome – When we tell great stories about our city, we celebrate the awesome.
  • Certified Awesome – An SA2020 endorsement means the work of this organization or individual is “Certified Awesome.” SA2020 gives its full support to the work of the endorsed entity for as long as it maintains direct alignment to the SA2020 Community Vision.
  • Champion – A champion is a foundation, business, public institution, or civic organization that has strategically aligned its philanthropic, volunteer and advocacy efforts to advance specific goals in identified SA2020 Causes.
  • Collective Impact – The commitment of a group of important actors from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to a common agenda has been termed collective impact by John Kania and Mark Kramer in the Stanford Social Review.
    • Unlike most collaborations, collective impact initiatives involve a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing activities.
  • Community Vision – A defining of both the collective desires of a community and the means to achieve actual success.
  • Endorsement – An endorsement is a way to recognize and support the focused actions and activities of an organization or individual who is performing great work that aligns with specific SA2020 Causes.
  • Indicator – Indicators are specific, measurable goals within each cause. SA2020 is collecting data on each of our 58 indicators and reports this data to the community to maintain accountability and measure success. Nonprofit parters posting opportunities on our website can select the indicators that are directly impacted by each opportunity they post. Within Arts & Culture, one example is “Raise the level of attendance at arts programs.”
  • Lead Partner – A Lead Partner is an established organization that provides core leadership and collective accountability through a commitment to reach maximum success in their identified SA2020 Causes.
  • Work Groups – A broad coalition of relevant organizations and individuals, led by a civic champion, strategically affiliated and aligned with a specific SA2020 indicator (or indicators) and targets. SA2020 Work Groups meet on a regular basis to work toward the achievement of an SA2020 indicator (or indicators) and are committed to holding each other individually and organizationally accountable for its success.
  • MOU – (Memorandum of Understanding) Each partnership within SA2020 is solidified with an MOU.
  • Move the Needle – When we determine that San Antonians’ efforts have positively affected an indicator, we call this moving the needle. The goal of SA2020 is to move the needle for every indicator.
  • Movement – SA2020 is a collective campaign, a movement to energize San Antonians around making our city even more exceptional.
  • Nonprofit – We spell it as one word, without a hyphen. That’s how we roll.
  • Opportunity – An opportunity is an event or a volunteer position that allows individuals or groups to contribute their time and talents to an SA2020 cause.
    • An opportunity may or may not be limited to one of the following:
      • Formal volunteer occasions (one time events or ongoing service) where direct action through a service program allows the volunteer in some way to affect one or more of the metrics in a given SA2020 Cause area (i.e. mentoring a student, planting a community garden, etc.).
      • An opportunity may also be a participatory event or activity that, while not asking for direct volunteer efforts, allows the individual to engage in a way that promotes SA2020 goals (i.e. attending an arts event, going to a fitness event, etc.).
  • Opportunity Partner – An Opportunity Partner is any vetted group with a proven track record of success that can provide meaningful opportunities for the public to engage in their SA2020 passion/cause areas.
    • For example, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides mentoring opportunities for those who are passionate about increasing graduation rates.
  • Passion – Passions are specific areas within each Cause that individuals can select to see better opportunity matches on SA2020.org. For instance, within Arts & Culture, passions include theatre, dance, and music.