We get a lot of questions about the community’s vision and our organization. After all, SA2020 and what’s happening in San Antonio are both pretty unique. We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below. Still have a question? Get in touch with us!

How did this whole thing get started?

In 2010, then-Mayor Julián Castro launched a community-wide visioning process to help outline priorities for San Antonio. Through a series of public meetings, online chat sessions, and surveys, nearly 6,000 San Antonians from across the city shaped a shared vision for their community by the year 2020. Together, we defined community results and identified measures of success. The first SA2020 report, released in 2011, identified eleven community results tracked by 59 indicators, generating a decade-long strategic vision for San Antonio.

And then you…became a nonprofit?

After leading the most successful public engagement process in the city’s history and creating this sweeping vision, our community knew that we couldn’t leave the report on a shelf and walk away. SA2020, the vision, became SA2020, the nonprofit driving progress toward that shared vision for a thriving San Antonio.

As a nonprofit organization, we’re able to independently and objectively track progress on all of the community’s goals, inform and activate the public, and align efforts toward our shared goals.

How do you collect your data? Like…where does it come from?

Today, SA2020 tracks 61 community indicators, and without these being prioritized, they wouldn’t appear anywhere else. We make them available with the help of our data partner, CI:Now, and through more than 27 data providers. (Due to the nature of some of the data, the most recent information we have can lag one to two years behind.)

I’m really concerned about ____. Can you track that, too?

While our community results and the indicators that measure the progress toward those results were prioritized by the San Antonio public, SA2020 is committed to continuously getting better at telling our community’s story. In 2017, thanks to the City of San Antonio’s SA Tomorrow planning process and additional community engagement, we added 4 new indicators: income segregation, digital access, housing cost burden, and traffic fatalities and injuries, bringing us to 61 (we’ve also discontinued a couple along the way). We’re always open to reporting on new indicators if they’re important to our community results and story.

About SA Tomorrow…how is that different from SA2020?

The City of San Antonio leads SA Tomorrow, a city planning effort to guide San Antonio toward smart, sustainable growth. The SA Tomorrow plans focus on progress in the City’s purview, like infrastructure and land use, and these efforts might very well move the needle on some of our trickier community results (like Environmental Sustainability and Transportation).

Hang on…so you’re not part of the City?

Nope. We work with the City — they are an integral partner to achieving our shared community results. We do receive some funding from the City, about 20% of our budget, but the City is like so many of our other partners, working with SA2020 to align their efforts toward your community results.

What do you mean by “partners”?

SA2020 promotes and facilitates a systems-driven strategy. For us, this means stakeholders across the city – including funders, public sector, private sector, and nonprofit agencies – must agree to address our city’s most pressing challenges. As such, the eleven SA2020 Cause Areas and 61 Community Indicators provide a common agenda and shared measurement for this alignment. This gives all interested stakeholders a shared understanding of our community – both where we currently stand and where we want to go. SA2020 has created an ecosystem, coordinating differentiated approaches and frameworks that allow stakeholders to co-create the future. SA2020 facilitates alignment through public and private partnerships, collaborative working groups, nonprofit partners, and community engagement.

How can I get involved in SA2020?

If you’re an individual…

  • Find an SA2020 Partner, over 100 nonprofit organizations whose efforts impact our community results. Give your time, talent, or dollars to these organizations and know your involvement will move the needle on the goals we set together.

If you’re a nonprofit…

  • Become an SA2020 Partner and align your organization outcomes to community results and show how you’re moving the needle on our collective vision.

If you’re a corporate or philanthropic leader…

  • Does your company or foundation need help aligning your dollars to the big picture to show your impact? We’re in to help! Email info@SA2020.org.

Wanna join the SA2020 Community Circles and help support the organization driving your community vision? Click here.

What happens in 2020?

Our staff takes a long nap.

Just kidding. We have no plans to go anywhere. In 2017, the SA2020 Board adopted a new strategic plan that takes our organization beyond the year 2020. As the only organization reporting, activating, and aligning (in the only community with a vision and strategy like ours), we see a great need to keep up this work in San Antonio. We might look a little different, but we’re planning on sticking around. Stay tuned!