1. Start Your Application
Step 01

Gather basic information about your organization, like:

  • name,
  • address,
  • mission,
  • logo,
  • contact info,
  • etc.
THIS IS TO APPLY FOR A NEW PARTNERSHIP. Make sure your organization isn't already in our system by searching here! Forgot your password? Click here.

2. Identify Your Causes
Step 02

What SA2020 cause areas does your organization support?

This is the way we match volunteers with your opportunities!

3. Add Your Opportunities
Step 03

Enter programs or events you offer that align with SA2020!

The application process can take up to 6 weeks, so make sure this opportunity will still be available at that time!

4. Choose Passions
Step 04

Tell us what SA2020 passions each opportunity affects! Passions are areas within each cause.

5. Choose Indicators
Step 05

How does your opportunity directly affect the data indicators?

Your opportunity must help move the needle in one of the indicators linked to the Cause(s) you first identified. After your opportunity ends, we will ask for your outcomes linked to these indicators. It’s a way for us all to see how we are contributing to the larger vision.

6. Submit Your Application!
Step 06

The process to become an Opportunity Partner includes a pretty rigorous vetting system. We want your awesomeness, and we will work hard to make this happen as soon as possible!