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Arts & Culture

Great cities are those that inspire and nurture a robust artistic and cultural community. The cities that artists find inspiring are also those that lead the way in economic competitiveness and growth. The arts create an educational fabric that helps turn today’s students into tomorrow’s critical thinkers and creative leaders. Furthermore, arts have been linked to multiple health benefits and neighborhood connectivity.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement has the potential to impact every other area. Through volunteerism, voting, community leadership, and philanthropic giving, an individual has an opportunity to help families, education, city infrastructure, arts, sustainability, transportation, and health outcomes.

Community Safety

Safe communities are productive communities, and productive communities thrive. Perhaps this explains the strong relationship between community safety and family well-being. Without safe communities in which to live, work, and play, the well-being of families is placed at risk. Those impacts ripple throughout the fabric of the community, affecting areas like education, economic competitiveness, and health and fitness.

Downtown Development

Great cities have great downtowns. Great downtowns offer culture, convenience, and a variety of transportation options for getting in and out of center cities. Additionally, economic growth, visitor and local spending, and talent attraction and retention are benefits to having a thriving downtown.

Economic Competitiveness

Economic competitiveness is the engine of prosperity for San Antonio, and as such is interrelated to many other Cause Areas. For example, it will become increasingly difficult for San Antonio to deliver impactful educational opportunities to its residents without a thriving economic environment from which to draw resources both in terms of capital and ideas. Likewise, investing in education and preparing our workforce of the future will allow San Antonio to compete globally for new employers and investments.


Education is the cornerstone to any great city’s success, providing the foundation for building a competitive workforce, attracting world-class companies and fueling economic growth. But great education is not just about great schools. Great education requires the support of strong and stable families, safe and connected neighborhoods, and a high degree of community involvement.

Environmental Sustainability

Promoting environmental sustainability can help foster economic competitiveness and growth by expanding green jobs through innovation in clean technology. In addition, sustainability policies can also enhance education by providing green jobs training and programs. Finally, promoting environmental sustainability can positively impact health and fitness by reducing air pollution levels that cause asthma and other ailments.

Family Well-Being

Strong families are the cornerstone of community progress. They promote education, drive civic engagement, and make economic progress possible. Additionally, families unburdened by health concerns are generally happier, more connected, and more productive.

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Indicator Status Rating

If you explore any of the Causes above, you’ll see these icons next to the indicators – these help us provide an overview of our city’s progress toward each goal.

  • Met & Exceeded

    The SA2020 target has already been reached! (Perhaps we should set an even crazier goal?)

  • On Track

    We’re making progress at a pace that will lead us to achieve the SA2020 target!

  • Progress

    We’re moving in the right direction, but not moving rapidly enough to achieve the SA2020 target.

  • Flat/Getting Worse

    We’re seeing no progress, and in some cases even moving in the wrong direction.

  • In Development

    Some indicators need a bit of work – we’re working on finding or developing the best way to measure these goals.






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