SA2020 Reports

Since the public created the vision in 2010, SA2020 has released various reports detailing the vision, our progress toward the SA2020 goals, and other research to support the work of our community.

Below you’ll find all official reports released or sponsored by SA2020. If you have specific questions about the information in these reports, please contact us.



Talent Pipeline Task Force Report, July 2015

Talent Pipeline Task Force Report, July 2015

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Talent Pipeline Info Sheet


SA2020 San Antonio City Dividends – CEOs for Cities (Sept, 2014)


San Antonio Brain Gain: Bubbles and Barriers (Nov, 2012)











SA2020 Indicators:

SA2020 2016 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report (January 2017)

Community Report Card (January 2017)



Progress Report (Sept 2014)


Revised Indicator Report (July 2013)


Progress Report (June 2013)









Original Vision Report (2011)