2020 Organizational Report

We drive progress toward San Antonio's shared Community Vision through research, storytelling, and practice.


5 new dashboards,
including 1st local COVID-19
data trended

16 recommendations
for strengthening impact
shared in 4 reports

62 indicators tracked,
with 34% disaggregated
by race


45,100+ visitors
to SA2020.org

53 presentations,
including 5 to national
or international audiences

weisgreater.org tracked
& celebrated 115 efforts
that advance equity

23 community leaders
hosted on The Story Goes…
podcast with KLRN


126 people representing
39 nonprofits trained in
Advancing Racial Equity

people engaged in
strengthening San Antonio’s
Community Vision

11% increase in

hosted 12,900+ visitors
on local election resource


Organizational Strategy
drafted and approved,

2020 Funding


Ariane Etemadi (6 years of service)

Audrey Herrera (1.5 years of service)
Part of Team SA2020 while rocking her second year at Trinity University

Kiran Kaur Bains (2.5 years of service)
Named a 2020-2021 Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity Fellow

Mary Kate Hull (5 years of service)

Molly Cox (10 years of service)


Aly Ramos Miller, Chad Miller Auto Care (1.5 years of service)

Audree Hernandez, The Consulting Engineers Group, Inc. (5.5 years of service)

David Snowden, Argo Group US (3 years of service)

Erica Hurtak, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (1 year of service)

Jaime Castillo, SAWS (1.5 years of service)

Jordana Barton, Methodist Healthcare Ministries (3.5 years of service)

Melissa Burnett, Dell (5.5 years of service)

Michele Aunterieth Brown, GDC (1.5 years of service)

Michelle Garcia Shaw, (3.5 years of service)

Ryan Kuhl, First American Commercial Property Group (5.5 years of service)

Sonia Rodriguez, Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock (10 years of service)

Ty Sheehan, Hornberger Fuller & Garza Incorporated (3.5 years of service)

We're proud of our work this year and look forward to deepening it in the coming years.

As a nonprofit organization, your support helps us drive progress toward San Antonio’s shared community vision through research, storytelling, and practice. We hope you’ll consider supporting this work with a donation or recurring contribution.